Overlook Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions refer to the Photographer Robert J Magee. The Client(s) shall be the person(s) defined at time of booking who will have agreed with these following details at the point of placing an order. 

1. Fees and Payments:

A deposit fee may be required in order to secure any bookings or reservations of the photographer at the date & time agreed. 

All balances must be paid in full by the client prior to any images being released by the photographer. These may include details of any expenses required before, during or as a direct result of the booking. 

Payments may be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer to R J Magee as per stated on the invoice. 

2. Postponement or Cancellation:

If the client needs to postpone of cancel the booking then it is requested that at least 48 hours notice is given. If this is not possible then the client agrees to pay any expenses which may have already been undertaken by the photographer in relation to the clients booking only. The booking fee may also be retained in the event that an alternative date cannot be agreed. 

3. Adverse Weather Conditions:

The photographer reserves the right to postpone the appointment if the weather conditions are deemed to have a negative impact on the ability to provide a quality service to the client. In such an event a rescheduled date should be agreed or if this is not possible then any Overlook booking fees will refunded to the client.

4. Force Majeure: 

Is acknowledged as situations which are beyond the control of the photographer such as sickness, injury, death, transportation problems or acts of God, preventing the booking from taking place. In the unlikely event of this, any booking fees will be refunded if an alternative photographer cannot be found by Overlook. 

5. Liability:

Liabilities will be limited to only the monies or funds already paid in relation to the specific photographic booking. Only these previously paid fees directly relating to the booking of the photographer, will be returned to the client. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange suitable insurances for an event.

6. Ownership and Copyright:

Copyright and ownership of all images taken, edited or produced by the photographer will be retained by the photographer Robert J Magee. Images may not be, copied, reproduced or presented without the permission of Robert J Magee, however reasonable limited printing is permitted by the Client for their personal use only. 

Failure to comply with this request will be considered a breech of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. 

Robert J Magee reserves the right to use any images taken, for the purpose of marketing the business. This may include the company website, leaflets, brochures, galleries or competitions.  

7. Privacy Policy:

Any contact information submitted to Overlook Photography by the Client, will be only held for the following purposes of:

    (a) Client Billing

    (b) To provide specific marketing to you the Client in relation to any potential future offers by the Photographer.  

Client contact information will not be shared to any third parties. 

8 Media: 

Upon receipt of payment, the completed photographs will be supplied in either CD\DVD or USB storage. It will be checked to ensure that it will be free from computer virus or malware before sending. The recipient also accepts responsibility to ensure that they have taken steps to ensure that they have antivirus protection in place which is kept up to date.